In Tehran the Second International Conference on Women in Sustainable Development.

It will be held in Tehran  by the Department of Women and Family Affairs, the Ministry of Industry, and Mine & Trade on September 15-18, 2015 the 2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Women in Sustainable Development Entrepreneurship & Employment

The conference focuses on introducing the position and role of women in business development considering the post 2015 Development agenda. Also this event creates a unique opportunity for introducing and presenting the women’s entrepreneurship, products businesses & technical capabilities and scientific know-how and potentials as well as acquainting with investment opportunities on women’s innovations, inventions and creativeness.  

Conference Objectives are as follows:

·         Explanation the significance of women in business and employment development

·         Studying the sustainable patterns of supply and demand work for women

·         Challenges and opportunities for flourishing women’s employment

·         Studying global policies and experiences of sustainable employment considering the post 2015                   Development agenda

·         Providing practical approaches  based on successful experiences in the field of entrepreneurship

·         The women role in green business

It is anticipated that the main policy makers, and relevant public and private sectors’ senior authorities, experts, businessmen and companies, to visit this significant event.

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