Practice the female leadership. The workshop of Selena for the Women Congress.

Everything is ready for the workshop Practice the female leadership organized by Selena for Women Congress.  

It is fresh news that the seminar also received the prestigious patronage by WE – Women for Expo, the network #Women who talk about nutrition and sustainability and doing it for the first time putting the center of the Universal Exposition female culture.

A meeting studied by relating theater and coaching to become the input provided by the theater actresses Silvia Mascolo and Tiziana Rubano a working tool for the coachs ( Iacopo Braca , Pina Sabatino , Wanda Pezzi). 

On the stage the components of space and time are canceled to allow the protagonists (from Lady Diana to Rosa Luxemburg, from Martha Graham to Angela Merkel) to relate to each other, communicate, convey their vision and leave hanging on a tree their garment of identification. 

The tree filled with objects and meanings will be so the tool to begin a personal journey embellished by the baggage left by extraordinary figures that by their example – not always only positive – have had a profound effect in the areas where they operated. The suitcase of the observer will be filled with known items (the clip of Anne Frank, the cross of Isabella of Castile, the scarf of Frida Kahlo) and some unknown, as in the case of Ruth Handler, inventor of the most famous doll in the world – Barbie – but also of the artificial breasts to use after the mastectomy (that she herself suffered). The directions taken by the branches of the tree will help in choosing the complex and very individual way to personal fulfillment before it comes to the professional one.

What is certain is that for everything that you take, something has to be left in this eternal wonderful exchange that combining different times, distant countries and different styles helps in the efforts to create this typically female mold – “get rich by enriching”.

Silvia Mascolo e Tiziana Rubano worked together for over two years, and collaborate with the Association Ar.Te.Mu.Da of Turin. Tiziana Rubano is also entrepreneur, journalist and Vice President of the Region North Italy of Selena Italy APS. Silvia Mascolo is psychologist, that created the laboratory Teatr’Ascolto for couples and families in which techniques by the Theatre therapy are used.

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