Elda Lettieri: a bridge with Bulgaria.


Elda Lettieri graduated in “Economics and Business” at Siena University, writing her thesis about communication, her best subject. For more than twenty years has been working as businesswoman for a company specialized in communicative strategies, then as a freelancer regarding professional training, and working on European projects.(FSE)

She has been member of “National Journalists’ association” having had experiences as responsible director of magazines ,institutional newsletter and knowing local news.

Elda has experienced as consultant and coordinator for different organizations on projects for women and younger generation. Having communication capacity and human resources  she has taught corporate communication in different companies.

She has been the president of Auriga Valdelsa a cultural association for nine years promoting territorial marking. Nowadays she is collaborating as legal representative  of Polymetis in Bulgaria, and president of Selena an association for business women in Bulgaria paying attention to the development of women activities. Elda Lettieri has been the first woman to create a real dialogue with institutions, associations and business Bulgarian companies through three International  Forum, which had been organized by herself from 2008 to 2012 regarding women business activities in East Europe. Moreover she has always organized and attended workshop, conferences for Selena an example is “ Equal opportunities: 50 years in Europe” or “political women and business women”.

Her next aim is to expand and develop Selena Italy in Europe, through European  projects.