Fiammetta Giovetti, architect and agricultural Businesswoman: vocations faced with passion and commitment.

The Fiammetta’ professional path.

Fiammetta Giovetti graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of Florence after having pursued a training course in which she privileged the knowledge and practice of architectural restoration.

Her interest in the exploitation and management of the existing architectural heritage leads her, after graduation, to follow the Specialization Course in Restoration of Monuments, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence, Department of Restoration and Conservation of Architectural Heritage, with the theme “The museum functions in monumental buildings”.


The beginning her professional studio.

After a period of collaboration with different architectural studios she decides to get involved in the first person opening her own professional studio. So, from 2007, she practices the profession of architect addressing herself towards architectural restoration issues, architectural and urban planning design.


The family-run wine farm.

Always committed to the family-run wine farm she never abandoned her role as a farmer, carried out with the same enthusiasm and commitment with which she devoted herself to architecture. Her intuition and belief that hospitality in the countryside is able to awaken an emotional baggage that has been lost to follow the frenetic rhythms, has made the family farm house one of the first to work as a farmhouse for holidays in Tuscany.

Throughout an accurate renovation of homesteads immersed in the vineyards she has tried to build a place of reflection where, through the sheer pleasure of conviviality, you can be delighted by the authentic Tuscany.



The commitment of Fiammetta in organizations she believes in.

For different years she has been part of the Auriga Cultural Association of the Valdelsa, which had as a goal the promotion and development of the area, actively participating in many initiatives supported by the association.

Selena, known through Elda Lettieri, shares its purpose and becomes part of the Young Women Entrepreneurs Division. The desire is to make a contribution and to confront in order to grow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

My desire is to bring my contribution and compare myself with the other members, to grow with Selena Italy.