Great emotions during the 1° meeting LUNE-di Selena

Among the objectives of Selena Italy the most obvious is to contribute to  Promotion and Visibility of female companies on the European scene where we took part in the training of the WEP platform at the European Parliament to obtain policies based on real and updated data collected by Chambers of Comerce..

We share the need for Entrepreneurs to be regularly and always Trained and Informed to achieve conscious Skills not trusting in unconscious skills. ‘Change yourself to innovate your activities.’

Many of them still lack contacts with personal and professional networks through no fault of their own. For this reason, we provide our associates with the experience of participation in international projects such as REAL (modules for training and business creation) and the connections offered by  Afaemme the Federation of Organisations of Associations of Mediterranean Women entrepreneurs based in Barcelona. We partner with ​​Afaemme, during the annual Forum of the economic leaders of the European and North African countries. The assembly of Afaemme, which involves over 50 associations promoting women’s entrepreneurship, also meets in the member countries and for this year it should be celebrated in November in Istanbul, Covid permitting.

With the meetings of Lune-di Selena (in Italian Selena-Mondays) we start again, after having suspended the activities for over a year, and go back to dreaming. Women make the difference but the real difference now, even in companies, is measured very clearly beyond the traditional Man-Woman comparisons, including territorial and general differences. More education or permanent information is required, especially well-targeted links to avoid discrimination in the professions … also because you succeed when not alone.

We women are not afraid but we must use better our time and skills through intelligent and useful training. We want to exchange information and solutions with our members, because business leaders in this Image- civilization must manage with a language that reflects agile and creative thinking that could inspire and draw the attention of sensitive institutions.

Cristina Gorajski

Cristina Gorajski: Vice President Central Italy, Balkans and Caucasus projects.