Ingrid Villoresi. A bond between business methodologies and artistic creativeness

Ingrid Villoresi comes from educational paths oriented specifically towards art and her main desire was to graduate from the Isia University, Interior Design major.

Because of her first working experience within a young French multinational company, she stops her studies in order to focus on her career.

Inside this company she undertakes a full training concerning Project Management techniques, Creative Thinking and new products and services Development.

She keeps working as Project manager for some years until she reaches the present position as Communication and Marketing representative of Sales Support Remarketing area in Arval Service Lease Italy.

During this period, she not only improves her business experience, but she also continues her studies in order to increase her knowledge of visual communication language thanks to Photography and Visual Storytelling techniques. She also wins a Cultural Event Management scholarship in a private University in Florence.  

Recently she starts again her Architecture and Design studies, attending Geobiology classes at the Architecture University in Lucca and oriental discipline classes regarding equilibrium between human beings and places.

She joins Selena Association with her desire to go over things, her wish to reach a new equilibrium between male and female characteristics as new opportunities for a social and economic growth. Above all Ingrid feels very close to all the possible “Women” initiatives.