Real project, young people and work: ready for the third European meeting. Organize Selena Italy in beautiful San Gimignano.

From 19th to 21st of October 10 organizations from 8 countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey) will be in Valdelsa to participate in a meeting for the European project “REAL – Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adults”. The group of 16 members will be hosted at a local hotel in San Gimignano, and during the tree-day meeting they will be welcomed by representatives of municipalities of San Gimignano and Siena.  The international group will meet also with representatives of local centers of excellence for research and development, as TLS Foundation Toscana Live Sciences,  VISMEDERI and Bioscience Research Center.

The guests will enjoy the traditional Tuscan hospitality, being invited to a dinner in Contrada della Civetta, in the old town centre of Siena, and to a tasting of local specialties in San Gimignano, as the world-renown Gelateria Dondoli. The owner, Sergio Donodoli, the mind behind many innovative taste-matching, will welcome the international partners and let them taste and experience his successful story in ice-cream making.

The International group of REAL is composed by Research Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Spin-offs, SME training and support Organizations and Agencies and Networks for cooperation and development. The three-day meeting in San Gimignano will be coordinated by one of the Italian partners, Selena Italy, a non-profit association for the development of female entrepreneurship. Selena Italy has been founded and directed by Elda Lettieri, a female entrepreneur from Valdelsa with many years of experience in European projects.

The project “REAL (REINFORCING ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN ADULTS)” is aimed at supporting unemployed adults in the labor market, by enabling them to become self-entrepreneurs. In order to reach this goal, in the first part of the project partners have collected and analyzed data on young adults needs and interests. The second part, still in progress, is finalized at creating online contents for a training course on Entrepreneurship, to provide young adults with tools to improve their competences, especially on self-consciousness, communication, innovation and internationalization of their business concept. The materials (video and animations) will be available as a online course at the end of the project.

The appointment is thus in Valdelsa for the 10 international organisations, from the 19th of the 21st of October. Previous meeting had been held in Germany (in January) and Spain (May), while the next ones are scheduled in Greece and Turkey in 2017.