Rita Capotondi. Numbers, bike and heart.

What do you do and how hard is it for a woman to emerge?

I am a freelance professional, I am an accountant and I work in Colle di Val d’Elsa, near Siena. Unfortunately today it is a job that no longer gives satisfaction… when I started, in 1988, workrates were acceptable (although they seemed however mad… so, maybe, everything is relative!), but today we have commitments every 15 days, and sometimes even less.

In my work, being a woman it sometimes can be bit complicated, as indeed in many other works and maybe in the Society generally. During the years, for exemple, I’ve had some client that -though he chose me as a professional- then sometimes he doubted my ability, just because I’m a woman.

What has changed over the years, fortunately, is the attention to women. Even at the level of legislation, you are trying to bring women in roles of increasing responsibility, in politics and at work. Unfortunately this is the result of “laws”, and NOT necessary of the cultural thought (what, goes much more slowly).

From 2014, I am a member of the Siena’s Official Listing of Qualified Accountants and Bookkeepers and, source of pride (and, maybe, index that something is changing), in this Council consisting of nine professionals, five people are women. Unfortunately, not always it is easy to communicate with our colleagues (it’s just a different approach to any topic!).

I am also part of the External Commissions “Pari Opportunità” (Equal Opportunity) of the Siena’s Official Listing of Bookkeepers but even in this case, sometimes, it seems to be too hard to interface ourselves with Institutions. But often the female world needs fast answers.

In short, something is changing of course, but bit slowly… too much slowly.

In addition to your job, which are your main interests?

Well, I love reading. I really go in for books… every kind of books, even those about working and traveling.

I am an enthusiast campervanner (it’s a way of life) even if, in last few years, we started to fly even a little further away, so we need of other means of transport.

I always liked the world of cycling, even when I was child and I followed my uncle who had an amateur cycling team. That’s where I met Claudio that, after more than 20 years, would become my husband. With him (and our camper), we shot in Italy far and wide for his bike races.

One day, during a race in Piemonte, we have known the person with whom we formed the group (initially we were 2 couples) who gave birth to L’Eroica, a particular cycling manifestation on white roads and only with vintage bikes. L’Eroica is now become internationally famous, so much so that today it is “registered trademark”, exported into Europe and all over the World (Japan and California). 

What does participate in the growth of Selena means?

I know the world of Associations, although my participation has been up to now mainly in sports. It is not always easy, but with perseverance I think we can achieve very high.

Selena is for me a challenge. It deals with things that usually are made for work… so I think that put them up also with a “social purpose” it is really a source of pride.

My contribution will mainly account of my professional skills, the challenge is to learn new things and also have new ideas.

What kind of future do you would like?

It is too easy to know, a better future. For this to happen, I think everyone must give his contribution and I hope to be able to give it by Selena… and, maybe, beyond.

The Dream?

Of course, the International Cooperation.

I had, a few years ago, the honour to participate in a fundraising project (with L’Eroica Sport Association, and with an NGO) for the construction of “a school, 1000 wells and 1001 bikes delivery” in Africa. That experience has remained in my heart! My dream will be the possibility to have many more similar experiences.

Even through our Sports Association, we are also in contact with other associations of international fame (Emergency, Dynamo Camp…),  and this is why I’d like to explore the “fundraising” area, and I always use the English word, in Italian language also, because it is from the Anglo-Saxon world that we must learn.