Selena Italy activities are related to specific areas of intervention and carried out by Working groups led by a Chair who has a long and demonstrable experience within the range of competences. The number of members of each team work is variable and somebody may be present in one or more working groups. The activities focus on specific projects in which, since the preliminary stage, the availability of individual members is of utmost importance. Each working group includes one member of the Board at least and its work is supported by the President and the Secretariat. The performance of the professionals are provided without charges.

Planning and Innovation

The Planning/Innovation team is working at the identification of projects, tenders, competitions in which Selena can participate not only in the European context but together or designated by international networks also interested to increasing and development of their own projects. The creation of spaces (coworking) and opportunities for the planning and supporting practices and growth of women-owned firms is also expected. Chair: Elda Lettieri.

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Training and Development

The Working Group Training and Development is mainly engaged in the development of culture for entrepreneurship, training and support to the creation from business ideas, management training and leadership gender, dissemination and use of mentoring as an innovative tool for the development of skills;   training events, visits, apprenticeships, job training are on the agenda too. Chair: Tiziana Rubano.

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Communication and Promotion

The Working Group Communication and Promotion is responsible for managing the entire field of traditional and digital communication, both for individual projects and for ordinary activities. Care of the image of Selena, the blog, publications, press releases and organizing specific seminars in collaboration with the Training and Development WG. Chair: Ingrid Villoresi.

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Internationalization or International Relations Group operates in the fostering and expanding of the international network of Selena, in the development of relations with other associations or associations with similar spheres of interest and aims; care for collaboration and participation of Selena in international organizations that correspond to its mission and supports the other groups that needs foreign connections. Chair: Cristina Gorajski.

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