Elda Lettieri

Presidente di Selena Italy


We have created SELENA in order to consolidate personal & professional relationships and our aim is to support the effort of establishing new relationships between entrepreneurs and experts at european level.

As promoters we have a strong professional, personal and social background, with extensive knowledge and expertise in the relevant areas. The main strength of our group lies in our devotion to our work and our willingness to work together to create something stimulating.

We are aware that this journey won’t be easy. The work will be intense and we should demonstrate tenacity if we want to achieve our goals. Nevertheless, we are confident because of our enthusiasm, desire to work together, certainty of our good intentions, and most of all passion for this association to which we would like to guarantee ambitious goals.

We wish to develop consistent partnerships with local and European institutions and with leading companies, and we invite all of them to work with us in order to make this initiative even more prestigious. To those who feel to share our aims, WELCOME!


Il Presidente Elda Lettieri