The Statute 


“SELENA ITALY Associazione di Promozione per l’Imprenditoria Femminile”
(Promotion Association for Female Entrepreneurship)


Parts of the Statute regarding members of Selena 

Titolo III


Art. 4

Business women, freelance women, or anyone who has achieved a high professional or cultural profile in any sector can join and become a member of  Selena Italy.  All associations and authorities, private or public having the same achievements and aims without any interests in making profit can become members of Selena Italy.

Art. 5

Members who give an excellent contribution in activities could be appointed as Members of honour, with all the duties and obligations of an effective member.

Art. 6

The admission of a member is approved by the managing board, after having checked the candidate’s possession of qualification in article  4; the approval is written down on the minute book and on member’s book, since that date the member becomes effective.

To renovate the admission each member has to pay an admission fee every year,  by 31st  of  January  according to the managing board decision. A member has to write down his resignation in case he wants to dismiss his membership, a member is considered resigning if she is in arrears by 31st March. Members of honour who do not take an active part for two years are considered resigned.

Each year the managing board will decide the amount of the payment to renovate the registration. The title of member cannot be passed, and the associate can always withdraw by written notice of withdrawal to the President.


Turin, 30th april 2014