Selena Italy alongside the virtuous associations. In Turin with ArTeMuDa.

To remain rooted in the different regions – which have different characteristics and needs – we started specific collaborations with the local reality so as to bring our expertise and at the same time detected the needs and provide data for research aimed at defining a complete picture of the national situation. In Turin, thanks to Tiziana Rubano with a role on the Board of Directors of both companies, we organized a good partnership with the ArTeMuDa association that was born for the diffusion of the arts in general and for some years has also been occupied by managerial training and professional growth. The courses in Communication and Assertiveness, Leadership, Teamworking, Basic and Advanced Public Speaking therefore also see the patronage and collaboration of Selena Italy from this year. It is the same Dr. Rubano who takes care of and follows the courses with the speaker Roberto Micali to confirm a female presence of about 80 percent. A fact that testifies to the great willingness of women to work on themselves to make them stronger and more competitive on the market.

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