Selena thinks of young businesswomen

Selena Italy  has recently create  a new section  namely the Young Women Entrepreneurs Division with the aim to involve some younger members  associated to Selena that until now didn’t  had  the opportunity to participate actively in our programs. 

None of them is part of the official board of Selena Italy  but this Division of  ‘ladies in their thirties’ will support us in: 

a) the definition and implementation of activities related to young women who want to access the world of entrepreneurship

b) support for programs in schools and universities to raise awareness among young graduates and graduates from the business sector

c) any specific  request concerning  EU projects of their specific Branch.

The Young Women Entrepreneurs Division  at  Selena is coordinated by Anna Chiara Lorenzelli and  consists of

1. Anna Chiara Lorenzelli (European projects Assistant expert)

2. Slavyanka Stoykova (entrepreneur)

3. Michela Capotondi (tour guide)

4. Hilaria Piraccini (lawyer)

5. Pina Sabatino (international trainer & coach)

6. Tamara Migliorini (architect)

7. Ingrid Villoresi (expert communication and marketing)

8. Fiammetta Giovetti (agri tourism entrepreneur)

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