Tamara Migliorini, architect, woman and mother: many roles tackled with passion, determination and balance.

Tamara was born in San Gimignano in 1966 and since then has continued to remain tied to this particular Tuscan town with strong architectural and environmental connotations, which contributed towards her innate curiosity and her insatiable desire for knowledge in studies related to architecture, natural and anthropized territory and living spaces.

During her training she never forgot to reserve relevant space to her private life and she always found the necessary time to cultivate the values of family and community she has always felt part of.

In 1995 she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence and since then she begun to practice as an architect with passion and commitment. In this first phase of her professional life she preferred to gain the confidence and experience that she lacked thanks to collaborations with other well-established professional technicians, such as the architects Marco Magni and Piero Guicciardini, with a studio in Poggibonsi and Florence, and with the Engineer Alessandro Frati, Technical Office manager of the City of San Gimignano. In this way she was able to work both in the private and in the public sector, contributing to the design and construction of private and public interventions of high quality.

Between 1999 and 2001 she made an important experience and worked as a temporary servant at the Technical Department of the City of San Gimignano, which gave her the possibility to become familiar with the provisions of Public Administrative Acts, with particular reference to the procedures of expropriation and acquisition of propertiesfor the achievement of public works.

With this wide range of experience, since 2002, she a made a challenge and put herself into play starting to practice architecture in her own studio she naturally founded where her roots are, in San Gimignano. The Tamara Migliorini Architect studio deals with architectural design, restoration, renovation, urban planning and all kinds of building practices, as well as providing expert advice.

Although her passion and commitment to her profession, she has never forgot the importance of finding the right balance with her other two passions: her family and territory (from both a social and an environmental point of view).

With the same passion she is in fact committed in the daily life of her family, as a daughter, wife and mother, and in the lives of its local communities, as a member of the Cultural Association L’Auriga Valdelsa and as a supporter of various committees for the protection of common goods.

Despite she is strongly rooted in her territory, Tamara has always been very helpful to liaise with professionals from other realities. For this reason she enthusiastically accepted the proposal of Elda Lettieri, with who she shares the high principles of positivity and commitment, and she has joined the “Young Division” of Selena Italy, whose main feature is the collaboration between women.