Tiziana Rubano, creativity as a level for personal growth

Tiziana Rubano, Vice President of Selena Italy is one of the founders and  among the  most active promoters since the first steps taken by the Association. She graduated in Modern Literature at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy  in Turin with a Discussion on the visual aspects in Virginia Woolf’s writings.  Since 2012 is registered with the Order of Journalists.


Versatility and flexibility, two of her strengths.

With versatility and flexibility she has experienced over the years skills and competences in different roles and professional fields,  further  increased and matured  during the more than  ten years serving  as CEO in Companies  where  she continues  as consultant.

Today, as Professional and Personal Coach ACC ICF, Learning Coach®, Trainer of soft skills and Human Resources Consultant, she deals with training projects, orientation, selection, evaluation, outplacement, human resources organization, growth paths, groups and team coaching for organizations, agencies and companies. Starting from her artistic and theatrical training. For years, she has been studying and elaborating on the development of Potential using a humanistic and creative approach.


The theater like a training tool.

Advisor at ArTeMuDa APS Social Promotion Association she participates in and creates civil theater shows. She also conducts Assertive Training meetings with Roberto Micali, using the Forum Theater technique aimed at starting awareness processes and proposing Learning Coaching seminars to deepen the learning of topics, starting from the experience of using the performance.


Her commitment to associations and European projects.

She also works on design and implementation of regional and European projects for different associations, mainly devoted to inclusion and equal opportunities. Since 2009, she is the President of the Association for Development and Promotion of the Auriga Cilento area.