Eleventh edition ITWIIN: here are the winners.

Two Neapolitan females among the finalists. Ten innovative projects presented in the field of technology, scientific research and sustainable development.

The invention that won the ITWIIN 2019 award which took place in Naples at the Unione Industriali isa device that emulates the human body and that cultivates 3D tumor tissues on which drugs can be tested.The patent is presented by Dr. Silvia Scaglione from Genoa, from the National Research Council, Chief Scientist and founder of the start-up React4Life.

The jury examined ten innovative projects presented by the finalists of the eleventh edition of the event that in 2020 will take place in Milan.
Sara Santori of Fermo, who presented a plate with pins for leather processing, won the prize for best innovator female. Laura Russo from Milan received the Alta Formazione award for research aiming at developing bio-printable materials. Maria Silvia Pazzi (capacity building award) from Ravenna, has shown a line of fashion products and accessories made through the regeneration of recycling materials. Alessia Guarnaccia from Naples (exceptionally creative woman aword) presented a system for converting waste into panels that can used for energy saving. The Neapolitan Clementina Sansone who presented an innovative method for increasing the sustainable production of the astaxanthin molecule in sea urchin eggs received the mention for a sustainable project. The biologist Renata Denaro from Rome (mention for the commitment in research) has developed an equipment capable of recovering marine sediments contaminated by oil. The general practitionerRoberta Barbaro (mention for the eco-sustainable product) created skin care products using crystals and stones infused water. Another general practitioner Eleonora Schellino from Turin, has developed a “hydrodynamic” bath for well-being and anti-aging, winning the mention for wellness technology. Finally,Dalila Petta from Como, received the mention for a young researcher presenting an innovative method of chemical functionalization of hyaluronic acid derivatives applicable to regenerative medicine and 3D bioprinting.

“There are a lot of female founding start up and more and more women are in the boardrooms of large companies in Campania. Moreover, unlike what happened in the past years, when women worked in sectors such as tourism and culture, today we see so many girls and young women making their way into the field of new technologies “- said Valeria Fascione, regional assessor for innovation, start-up and internationalization, who intervened during the second day of the event.

The objective of the Award is to enhance the results obtained by women active in the areas of research, technology transfer and innovation, encouraging them toundertake or consolidate entrepreneurial paths.