About us

SELENA ITALY Associazione di Promozione per l’Imprenditoria Femminile (Promotion Association for Female Entrepreneurship) was created to promote and commend women’s skills in their  entrepreneurship and self-employment at national and international level.

The ability to operate and the desire to spread the idea of gender differences and Womenomics as a key to the attainment of women’s full employment and for the development of a sustainable economy is the Association’s distinctive feature.

The objectives will be pursued by operating in four main  areas of expertise:

  • Training and Development;
  • Planning and Innovation;
  • Communication and Promotion;
  • Internationalization.

And, specifically, through actions of: training to development of intrapreneur culture and implementation of business ideas; management training and women leadership; widespread and use of Mentorship as an innovative vehicle for development of skills; organization of training events, visits, stages, job training, economic-financial and legal activities in Italy and in other countries in the context of women’s entrepreneurship; territorial and cultural promotion with intrapreneurs purposes and intersection between supply and demand; promotion of innovative and motivating initiatives for female enterprises in national and international level; creation of spaces (coworking) and opportunities to facilitate the planning, the arise and growth of women-owned firms; conception and development of international projects; promotion and development of an eco-sustainable management of the territory, by paying attention on nature, on environmental projects and on productive activities; development of relationships with Associations or Trade Associations with similar spheres of interest; collaboration and participation in social or local organizations, national and international with a similar mission.

Selena Italy, Association of Promotion for Women Entrepreneurship, was founded on the experience of Selena Association of Women Enterpreneurs in Bulgaria, that established itself internationally for years and with which Selena Italy has signed an exciting partnership.

The founding group is made up of nine professionals  united by the enthusiasm and the desire to communicate with others to find common motivations and innovative ideas.