“UNA DONNA FALLIBILE”, a book written by our president, Elda Lettieri.

“UNA DONNA FALLIBILE” book inspire to never give up and have a courage.

“Una donna fallibile” is an autobiographical book written by our president Elda Lettieri, and describing the story of her life – from her childhood spent in Campania (her native land) to the present days.

The book starts when Elda was eight years old and her family decided to relocate to Tuscany, in the north part of Italy. A difficult and scary time for her. The story unfolds in Altavilla Silentina (Elda’s birthplace) and reaches London, where Elda’s daughter, Camilla, lives after leaving Italy to pursue her dreams.

It is a story that repeats itself but in a different context. A trip to London will allow Elda and her daughter to reconnect and reflect on some crucial moments in Elda’s intense life.

The “Una donna fallibile” book’s aim is to inspire those people that for whatever reasons, don’t think they can make it and prematurely give up on their dreams and need to regain confidence and purpose in life.

Passion, determination, hope, grit, challenge, as well as sacrifice, frustration, disappointment, are complementary words in the book because as the title of the “Una donna fallibile” book says – life is about making mistakes and failing, none is exempted; what it counts is to find the strength, get up and start again with the same desire to succeed.

Elda – what would you say to those women, young and old people that may feel disillusioned during these uncertain times?

The future is what you make of, what you create with your hands; nothing has given to us, only sacrifice and courage can change our path. Those who do not give up and are not scared by the multiple challenges in life succeed. Complaining doesn’t serve you well and may limit your possibility of redemption and change. By reading this book, if even one person can find the strength to get back on the horse, reclaim ownership of their life and change course, I’ll know that my motivations for writing this book were well-founded. ``

Today, Elda Lettieri works as a volunteer at Valdelsa Donna, a non-profit association committed to supporting cancer patients, and that owns the copyright for the sale of the “Una donna fallibile” book.